Monday, 15 October 2018

Brighton 2018

Having crossed the English Channel we commenced our adventure in Hastings where we made use of a train taking us to the village with an interesting name Battle. What appealed to us was a lovely place called Battle Abbey with beautiful greenery around. After having a quick lunch we made our way back to the coastline town. Hastings provided us with the opportunity to enter the Smugglers’ caves and take the funicular up the hill. In the evening we arrived at our English host families which served us a long-expected English dinner.
The second day our coach took us to a picturesque town Winchester where we glanced into the famous cathedral and then did our first shopping on the English soil. Afterwards we explored Windsor Castle where Queen Elisabeth II. sometimes enjoys the weekends. We were amazed by the monumentality of the whole site.
The following four days in the morning we did our best to improve our English at school in Worthing. We spent the afternoons in four different places. Portsmouth offered us two absorbing objects to see, namely the HMS Victory and the Spinnaker tower with its breathtaking view on the port.
The next day we visited Hever Castle, the seat of Anne Boleyn and were enjoying ourselves in three different mazes. On Wednesday we headed to the sea to admire the cliffs (Beachy Head) which dominate the coastline. On top of that, we took pleasure in watching the sunset on the beach.
The very last day in England we took a train to Brighton where everybody couldn't wait to dash into Primark and went on a shopping spree one last time in England. For several pupils it was the icing on the cake of the trip. In the evening we said goodbye to England and headed back home.
We were fortunate to have wonderful weather which helped us enjoy our trip to the full.

Jiří Chrobok - one of the teachers


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