Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Just got back from England!

Our classes, 7.B and 7.C arrived from  England a week ago. We stayed in England for 14 days, or better to say, 10 days because the journey took 4 days. We got there by bus and it wasn’t that bad as we expected. On way there, we visited Bruges, a nice city in Belgium. We saw Bruges‘ sights, took some photos, tried Belgian chips and we went shopping too! We stayed there for about  4 hours and then we continued our journey to France. There, we slept one night in a small hotel. We had to get up very early because we had to catch our ferry. The ferry was really big, there were shops and mainly places where we could buy food. When we got out of the ferry, we went to see Stonehenge. We took some photos and relaxed a bit. At about 6 pm we arrived in Barnstaple and met our host families. The whole trip to England was awesome because of the trips too! We visited Tintagel, Exmoor Zoo, Exeter, Lynton and Lynmouth, famous beach Westward Ho!, Woolacombe, sport centre and many more. Trips were mainly in the afternoon. In the morning  we went to a special school only for us. We had 3 teachers, Tim, Rose and Roy. We always had 3 hours, one with each teacher. We played games, talked in English and, good for us, we didn’t write tests!
Our trip began on the 21st September and ended on the 4th October. We had fun and we learned a lot of new English. Our accent sounds a bit better and we know something more about England. We want to go back, and it’s especially because of our host families, our teachers in England and of course, our teachers who went with us from the Czech republic. We have a big THANK YOU for you, and we hope we will go to Barnstaple one day again.
Classes 7.B and 7.C

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Evropský den jazyků

U příležitosti konání Evropského dne jazyků si žáci 8. a 9. třídy vyšli do ulic Prahy ověřit v praxi svou znalost německého a anglického jazyka. Žáci osmého ročníku měli pro cizince připravenou anketu o Praze. Devátý ročník nejprve navštívil Kafkovu společnost, a pak se s průvodkyní vydal po stopách Franze Kafky. Poté všichni zjišťovali mezi turisty jejich znalosti o tomto známém spisovateli. Získané informace děti zpracovaly v projektech.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My diary from Denmark


We arrived late to Ringe, because our driver was driving too slowly. It was hard to recognize the person we were staying with because they looked different than on the photo they sent us. She and her mother live in an apartment close to their school, so it didn’t take long. She let me stay in her room and she slept on a sofa in their living room, it was very kind of her to do that, so I will have to let her stay in my room alone too. Her room was very nice with white walls and white furniture, and it looked very tidy. It was a bit small, but it was enough for me. For dinner, we had bread from dough like tortilla with some meat and vegetables.


We met up at school and our teachers divided us into groups. We were with people we were staying with and they had to guide us around school and show us around. It was their first day after a four week pause because their teachers protested. Later, we visited a church in their town and then we went to a museum about their town, Ringe. There was a guide, an old lady who had a big hump on her back. She was really small and she couldn’t speak English very well, so she always asked a Danish teacher how to say the word she couldn’t remember, it was very boring. Then we went to a library, we ate our lunchboxes there and then there was a disco with some more Danish pupils from their school. Then we went to minigolf, but it was raining and it was very windy, and I was freezing. After minigolf we went to Emily, one of the Danish girls. We sat around a big table; we drunk some hot chocolate and had some apple pie. Then they showed us some Danish pop music on YouTube and we showed them ours, it was fun. Then we had to go to Nanna’s place to eat some dinner, we had homemade pizza with ham and cheese. Later, we went to Nikolaj's house where Vojta stayed. He lived on a farm, it was really fun, we learned some Danish phrases and we taught them some words as well. Then we went to jump on a trampoline outside, everybody there had a trampoline, it was so cool.


We had to get up earlier, because we had to meet at school at eight. We gathered at their school with all the Danish pupils to sing some songs, it’s their tradition there, then we went to LEGOLAND, it was amazing, it was cold there but it didn’t rain. We went on a water attraction and I got wet, my pants were so wet. There were machines, dryers, but although I used it twice I still wasn't dry enough, so I was still cold. The attractions were amazing, there were many rollercoasters, and there was a place called The Temple where were 'laser games', where you were in a trolley and you had to point at lights around you and press the trigger on a 'gun' and it counted points. The best rollercoaster was The Polar Express, it was the fastest one and we were there about five times, I loved it. We had meatballs, potatoes with gravy for dinner, its typical for Denmark. In the evening we went to Louise’s place where Kája stayed and we played a game similar to baseball outside and jumped on a trampoline and then we went to look at huge greenhouses in which Louise’s family grew carnivorous plants, plants that eat insect.


We went to a dolphinarium called Fjord-og Bæltcentre. It was very interesting, we had some free time in there to look around and then there was a guide who was very funny and he told us some information about sea animals like whales and crabs. We got to hold one of the crabs they had there, it was amazing. He showed us a video how people in USA found a dead orca on the beach and they didn’t know how to get rid of , so they exploded it, but that wasn’t a good idea because then there were huge pieces of dead stinking meat falling from the sky. One of those fell on a brand new car and damaged it completely. Then we had some free time in the town, Kerteminde, where the dolphinarium was. We went to a shop called Netto, it’s like their Tesco and I bought a Danish chocolate and After Eight in a stick that we don’t have in Czech Republic. We went around the harbor with Caroline and took some nice pictures. Ten Caroline bought big fish and chips with ketchup that actually looked and tasted like it was made from tomatoes. I bought a banana split ice-cream, it was delicious. In the evening we went to Odense to look at the house where Christian Andersen lived, but it was The 1st of May, the day when people don’t work, so everything was closed. We didn’t have time to go shopping, so it was very boring there. Then Caroline stayed with us because Louise went to training. We watched a new episode of The Amazing Race where Joey and Meghan were eliminated, which was very sad, but then we played some games on my tablet, we had some excellent time. For dinner, we had spaghetti Bolognese, I was laughing a lot because of a helmet that Nanna's mother thought was nice but we didn’t, it looked ridiculous. Then we went to a girl where Matouš Klíma stayed and it was boring because Johanka and other girls from Denmark, Eve, Soki and Laura weren’t there, so nobody talked to us there.


We biked to a castle, Egeskov. The way there wasn’t bad, but their bikes were terrible, they were like road bikes with brake systems like bikes for small children. You could stop the bike by reversing cycling - that was very bad for me because I always put my feet down before I stop the bike. The castle was amazing, we went on Segways, it cost 40 Danish crowns for fifteen minutes which I think wasn’t that expensive and I had a lot of money left, so I was happy to spend it on this.  We were there in a big group, it was fun. Later, we went to gardens that were around the castle. We didn’t go to the castle but I think that that was okay, because I don’t really like castles. Then we went on a stairway which led into the trees and then there were ladders with ropes and webs around so we don’t fall down, because it was really high. The way back wasn’t good, because the settle was very hard and I was wearing jeans, so it wasn’t comfortable. When we came back, Caroline and Louise stayed with us, so we drank some coffee and watched a movie, then we went to eat dinner at their school. Everybody was there, even their parents and siblings. It was fine, but there wasn’t much food I liked, but I wasn’t very hungry so it was alright. Later, there was a delicious strawberry cake. After few minutes, we went to their gym, it was terrific!  It was huge, we could jump from big a foam pit. I did a flip there. It was very difficult to climb out of the foam pit, but eventually, I got myself out every time. I wanted to stay longer, but we had to leave, because we left early in the morning.

Matylda Křížková, 8.A


In May we went to Holland. We spent there five days which were full of tulips, cheese and mills. We were in Amsterdam where we visited Museum of Anne Frank and then we went by boat through the canals. Naarden was in our programme, too. There we presented our projects about The Czech Republic, Prague, the Czech school system and also about our school. It was in Comenia school where we also spoke with Dutch students and we could see their classes. We visited Museum of J.A.Komensky. The director Hans Linde with his colleagues prepared for us an interesting programme about our "teacher of nations". In Arnhem we admired great ZOO with large tropical houses with jungle, desert, bush and ocean.
Our journey was really short, but amusing and interesting experience.

Girls and boys from the 5th classes

Unser Ausflug nach Bayern

Am Mittwoch haben wir uns vor dem Bus getroffen. Dann sind wir mit dem Bus lange Zeit gefahren. Wir haben interessante Projekte gehört. In München haben wir BMW Museum besucht und wir waren in dem Olympischen Park. Im Zentrum hatten wir frei und dann fuhren wir endlich in unsere schöne Jugendherberge.Am Donnerstag haben wir ein schönes Kloster im Etal besucht und wir haben auch schöne Alpennatur gesehen. Am Freitag haben wir Schloss Neuschwanstein besucht. Es war sehr wunderschön und interessant und es hat geschneit. Wow! Auf dem Weg nach Hause mussten wir im langen Stau warten. In Regensburt hatten wir Zeit für Einkaufen und dann fuhren wir nach Prag.

Vielen Dank für den schönen Ausflug!
Dominika a Erika, 9.A