Thursday, 15 May 2008


Our school took part in the annual amateur film contest called ANTIFET-FEST. It is a part of the preventive programme against various addictions and crime organized by the Magistrate of Prague and the local authority of Prague 12. We sent to this round three films made by the pupils of 8.A, 9.B and 9.C.
The award ceremony was held in the theatre Semafor on the 6th May 2008. Our „film-makers“ were very successful that day! The contest was won by the film „Modrý slon“(= A blue elephant) made by our pupils Fanda Hába(9.B), Willem Heida(9.C) and David Jánský(9.C). This film also received a winning award of the present spectators. The „bronze medal“ was won by the film „ZjednoDUŠEně“ (=SimpliSOULfied) made by Matouš Pinkava, Jirka Procházka, Anička Růžičková, Bětka Majerčinová and Honza Srna from the class 8.A.
The winning film „Modrý slon“ will represent our school and all the Prague 6 schools in the Prague final round on the 11th June 2008. Congratulations for all the participants and good luck to the boys!

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

DigiSkills meeting in Prague

From 4th to 6th May 2008 our school organized a meeting of all DigiSkills partner schools.
On Monday morning forty teachers and students were invited by Mgr. Tomas Chalupa, the mayor of Prague 6, for breakfast and then they went on a Prague sightseeing tour.
The most difficult work started after lunch when the students, divided into four groups, set off on the Prague Quest walks across Romantic, Hospitable, Entertaining and Making the money fly Pragues. They were asked not only to record given places, but also answer some questions. On Tuesday morning they were supposed to trim their results in four short films. You can see them on our project vlog Prague Quest (
Everybody was amazed by the Prague beauty and they are planning to come back one day.


On Thursday 30th April 2008 our class 9.C went to the National Gallery in Prague. We had a workshop there called „ArtCrossing“. It is a multimedia educational project for pupils, students and teachers. It was guided by an artist who taught us how to use Arkaos, a video DJ (VJ) programme. Afterwards we were given digital cameras and we went to the exposition of F. Kupka´s paintings. We took photos of some of the paintings and we VJ´d them. It was pretty hard to manage the programme, but the final clip, which you can see, is actually nice. We enjoyed it, it wasn´t boring at all!
Willem Heida, Matyáš Lucký 9.C