Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Students as snowmen!

The event called "Students as snowmen" took place at ZŠ Pod Marjánkou on the 26th November 2008. On this day students were supposed to dress in white clothing and white accessories. They were awarded one point for every white piece of clothing or accessory that was white. The class with the most points was awarded a sweet award. The winners were: elementary - class 5.A and middle - class 6.B!

Josefína, 6.A

Thursday, 13 November 2008

En el 11 de Noviembre

Fuimos en la embajada de México. Aquí estuvo la exhibición - "El día de los muertos". Vimos un cementerio de yeso y los dibujos de los muertos. Dia de los muertos es fiesta muy vieja de Aztecas. La gento de Mexico dieron las ofrendas a los muertos.
Katka, Lucka, Jana, Pavlína, Jana

Este martes nosotros fuimos a la embajada de México. Nosotros vimos los muertos de yeso, dos estuas de piedra, los cuadros de muertos. Nosotros llevamos las tarjetas de visitantes.
Vašek, Ondra, Dan, Filip, Ondra

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

European Day of Languages, 26 September

On 26th September we visited Slovak institute in Prague 1. Our guides were 2 actors: Viera Kučerová and Martin Matejka. They read us a fairy tale called 12 months. We learned some words in Slovak language and how is the Slovak language and how is the Slovak language similar to the Czech language! They told us a lot of about Slovakcountry and its story.
Klára, Klára, Anna – 6.B

Monday, 20 October 2008

Two sunny weeks in England!

Our trip to England lasted from the 20th September to 3rd October 2008. We stayed in host families in Barnstaple, near the Atlantic ocean in the south-west of England. Every day we had three lessons with our English teachers Belinda, Roy and Helena. After school we went on trips to interesting places, e.g. Exeter, Lynton and Lynmouth, Milky Way (an adventure park), Tintagel and many more. One day we spent the whole day with our host families.
The journeys to and from England were long, but exciting. We stopped in Brugge in Belgium and in Stonehenge. On the way back we had a 9-hour break in London. We saw loads of famous sights there. It was brilliant time with our friends from school!!
Students of English, 7.A

Monday, 22 September 2008


Bienvenidos al mundo del idioma Español. ¡Que tengas un bonito dia!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Traditional Garden Party

Pendolino full of tourists
Arrived with a cheer,
Brought the actors, dancers, artists
To the PARTY of the year!

Students, parents and the school friends,
With the ones who teach
Came in May to meet and see them,
This year ON THE BEACH!

Kathy, a tourist


From the 21st to 25th of April we had Danish visitors. For 5 days they lived with us and learned about Czech culture. Our teachers prepared a programme beginning with a visit of the Terezin camp and afternoon bowling on Tuesday. On Wednesday we played sports at school and in the afternoon we prepared a speech about some interesting places of Prague. We had lots of fun on Thursday morning, when we went to the rope center. In the afternoon our Danish friends had a chance to buy some gifts for their families. On Friday they were already on their way home...
We are looking forward to see them again and visit the nice places of Denmark.

Anna Růžičková, Lenka Filipová (8. A)

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Unsere Fahrt nach Berlin

Wir sind am 14. Mai um 6 Uhr Morgen nach Berlin gefahren. Wir sind 6 Stunden gefahren. Im Bus war Spass. Wir haben etwa funf mal an der Tankstellee angehalten. Wir sind um 12 Uhr nach Berlin gekommen. Dort sind wir ins Muzeum, auf den Fersehturm gegangen und Spaziergang durch die Stadt gemacht.Um 6 Uhr sind wir in unseren Pension gefahren.Es war gut. Er steht am See. Wir haben Abendessen gegesen und dann etwa um 10 Uhr sind alle in die Zimmer gegangen, weil alle mude waren. Wir sind um 7:30 aufgestanden,dann war Fruhstuck. Nach dem Frustuck sind wir zu Reichstag gefahren. Dort war grosse Schlange. Reichstag war schön. Dann waren wir noch in Egyptischen Museum ,im Holocaust Denkmal. Alles war gut. Wir waren auch auf der Strasse Under den Linden.. Dann sind wir in denPension gefahren. Wir hatten Abendessen. Wir sind um 10 Uhr schlafen gegangen. Der letzte Tag waren wir im Postupim Schloss. Dort sind schone grosse Garten und der Schloss ist auch schön. Wir sind nach Prag um 12 Uhr gefahren. In Prag waren wir um 19 Uhr. Dann sind alle nach Hause gefahren.
Ivana Urbanova


Am sechsten Februar habe ich an der Schulrunde der Deutscholympiade teilgenommen und ich habe gewonnen. Ich habe es nicht erwartet und war sehr froh. Die nachste Runde war wieder in unserer Schule und hier waren Kinder aus den Schulen von Prag 6.
Wir haben ein Hortest und dann ein Gesprach mit der Komission absolviert. Ich war sehr nervos und vielleicht auch deshalb war ich die zweite. Mein Mitschuler Dominik Sipos hat gewonnen und das finde ich sehr gut.
Helena Singerová 9.A

Thursday, 15 May 2008


Our school took part in the annual amateur film contest called ANTIFET-FEST. It is a part of the preventive programme against various addictions and crime organized by the Magistrate of Prague and the local authority of Prague 12. We sent to this round three films made by the pupils of 8.A, 9.B and 9.C.
The award ceremony was held in the theatre Semafor on the 6th May 2008. Our „film-makers“ were very successful that day! The contest was won by the film „Modrý slon“(= A blue elephant) made by our pupils Fanda Hába(9.B), Willem Heida(9.C) and David Jánský(9.C). This film also received a winning award of the present spectators. The „bronze medal“ was won by the film „ZjednoDUŠEně“ (=SimpliSOULfied) made by Matouš Pinkava, Jirka Procházka, Anička Růžičková, Bětka Majerčinová and Honza Srna from the class 8.A.
The winning film „Modrý slon“ will represent our school and all the Prague 6 schools in the Prague final round on the 11th June 2008. Congratulations for all the participants and good luck to the boys!

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

DigiSkills meeting in Prague

From 4th to 6th May 2008 our school organized a meeting of all DigiSkills partner schools.
On Monday morning forty teachers and students were invited by Mgr. Tomas Chalupa, the mayor of Prague 6, for breakfast and then they went on a Prague sightseeing tour.
The most difficult work started after lunch when the students, divided into four groups, set off on the Prague Quest walks across Romantic, Hospitable, Entertaining and Making the money fly Pragues. They were asked not only to record given places, but also answer some questions. On Tuesday morning they were supposed to trim their results in four short films. You can see them on our project vlog Prague Quest (http://edigiskillspraguequest.blogspot.com/).
Everybody was amazed by the Prague beauty and they are planning to come back one day.


On Thursday 30th April 2008 our class 9.C went to the National Gallery in Prague. We had a workshop there called „ArtCrossing“. It is a multimedia educational project for pupils, students and teachers. It was guided by an artist who taught us how to use Arkaos, a video DJ (VJ) programme. Afterwards we were given digital cameras and we went to the exposition of F. Kupka´s paintings. We took photos of some of the paintings and we VJ´d them. It was pretty hard to manage the programme, but the final clip, which you can see, is actually nice. We enjoyed it, it wasn´t boring at all!
Willem Heida, Matyáš Lucký 9.C

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Woof Woof! Welcome to ZŠ Pod Marjánkou!

On Monday 21st April 2008 a dog called Baryk visited our school! He prepared some puzzles and games for about one hundred children from the 2nd classes of different schools who would like to learn foreign languages with us from next year! Finally, eighty of them were successful and they promised to walk Baryk regularly from next September! We look forward to meeting them again on our walks!
Baryk´s friends

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

What can you see in Prague?


Get a Voki now!


Get a Voki now!


Get a Voki now!


Get a Voki now!

Monday, 7 April 2008

Teaching practice - evaluation II

The teaching practice was something that I really looked forward to, however I was slightly afraid of it. It was an opportunity to try something new. I didn’t know anything about the school I had chosen, and I had never taught before.
At the beginning I was surprised. The pupils were very cooperative and they all tried hard. I was quite nervous, but they helped me to overcome the problems. Some of the lessons were not so good, but some of them were perfect and I really enjoyed them.
I’d like to thank Ms Prokopova for her advice and opinions which were great contribution to my learning how to teach. And I’d like to thank the pupils, because their kindness and success supported my decision to become a teacher.

Milada Holemářová

Friday, 4 April 2008

Teaching practice evaluation (25.3.- 4.4.2008)

When I signed for my very first teaching practice, I was really scared. As I had never taught before, I was afraid of everything – of students, their questions, of the lessons, of the atmosphere and first of all, I was afraid of myself. Will I know all the answers to all possible questions, will I know how to deal with possible problems? However, as my time at the elementary school „Pod Marjankou“ went by, Ms Prokopova and the pupils managed to show me, with no special effort, that teaching isn´t that horrible as I had thought before, and that it can be actually fun. Of course, no one dares to doubt that it is a hard and time-demanding job. On the other hand, it is one of the few jobs which results are so obvious. To see „my“ students actually using new grammar structures made me forget the anxiety in which I was imprisoned in the beginning. And that is a reward I did not even expect.

Hana Schwambergerová
Pedag. Faculty student

Friday, 28 March 2008

Easter at school!

Our last lesson of English before Easter we were in our library. We were talking about differences between Easter in England and in the Czech republic. We have learned some Easter vocabulary, like a bunny, an egg or a twig. We also helped the bunny to find some eggs! At the end of the lesson we checked our new vocabulary by „Hot Potatoes“ – a special programme for learning English. It was great!
Pupils of 3.A

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

OPEN HOUSE 18.3.2008

El encuentro de Digiskills proyecto en Praga

Desde el 4 de mayo a 6 de mayo tendremos una visita de Alemania, Bélgica, Dinamarca, Suecia, Francia, Espaňa y Grecia. Vendrán los profesores y los estudiantes que participan en el proyecto Digiskills.

English language competition

On the 22nd February I represented our school in an English competition of Prague 6. It had 2 parts: a test (listening and grammar) and a conversation. The most interesting for me was the second part because I prefer to speak English. Our questions were not very difficult and I chose a good topic - „My friends“. Because I have a lot of them, it wasn´t a problem to talk about my good friends. I was on the third place.
Michal Vítek, 7.A

February 2008 - skiing month in our school

Every winter all the 7th classes spend one week in the mountains where they improve their skiing skills. This year our class 7.A went on a trip to Krkonoše first. We left on Saturday 2nd February. We went by bus to a small village Strážné where we stayed for 1 week in a small mountain cottage. There was lots of snow at the beginning, skiing was perfect and we also had time for cross-country skiing. It was fun!! On the rainy day we played a table tennis
tournament. Every evening we played many indoor games organized by our leaders. At the end of the trip we had skiing races. Every other evening there was a disco!:-)The week was wonderful, with lots of fun, everybody enjoyed it!! Thank you for everything and see you in the mountains again!
7.A skiers

Our class went on a skiing trip the 2nd week in February. We stayed in a small cottage in Herlíkovice. Our cottage wasn´t very nice, food and the cooks were terrible, but we enjoyed the trip anyway. We went skiing nearly every day. The 4th day we went on an all-day cross-country skiing trip on Žalý. It was fun. The weather was great! Boys in our class were real gentlemen and helped the girls with cross-country skis. On the trip we made friends with most of the people in our class. In the evenings we played many games. At night we talked with our room-mates and ate lots of crisps. We didn´t sleep much. According to most of us it was the best skiing trip in the world!
Skiers from 7.C

Our class arrived in Strážné as the last. It wasn´t freezing so the snow was thawing. We lived in a cottage called Vilka. We arrived at noon so we went skiing in the afternoon. We were divided into three skiing groups. The first group was the best and they were skiing on the most difficult skiing slopes, the third group on the easiest. The weather wasn´t cold all the time, but it was okay for skiing. We lived in rooms from 2 to 4 people. Every day we got up at about 7.30 and we had breakfast at 8. Next to Vilka was a building where we went to eat. After breakfast we returned to our rooms and we packed our bags for skiing. When we were ready, a ski-bus took us to the slopes where we made the groups. Each group had its own instructor. When we came back from the trip, we usually had one hour for relaxing. For cross-country skiing we had different groups. At 6 pm we had dinner and then we played some games with our teachers. We had to go to bed at 10pm. We think that all of us enjoyed it and nobody wanted to return back to school again.
Skiers from 7.B

Dresden 2007

ES gehört schon zur Tradition an unserer Schule, vor Weihnachten nach Dresden zu fahren.Dezember 2007 war keine Ausnahme. Wieder haben wir angenehmen Spaziergang durch das historische Stadtzentrum gemacht, wir haben auch etwas Neues kennengelernt – Deutsches Hygienemuseum. Zuletzt haben die Weihnachtsatmosphäre auf dem traditionellen Striezelmarkt genossen. Iva Urbanová

Friday, 14 March 2008

The 50th school anniversary

On the 18th December 2007 our school celebrated its 50th birthday. The school was given an eighty-million crown renovation from the local authority. The public had a chance to have a look round the school the whole day. They could also visit workshops of the teachers which were aimed at media education. The main project topic was "A building of the centuries".
The official opening ceremony took place at 2 pm. The new school was opened by Tomas Chalupa, the mayor of Prague 6 and Jindrich Kitzberger, the vice-minister of education.
The mayor was willing to give an interview to the students who take part in the project Digiskills.

Finally, teachers, students and their parents met at the birthday party in Hotel Pyramida where they were reminded the school fifty-year history against a background of the worldwide events.
Kateřina Prokopová, Daniela Růžičková

Halloween fun with the 5th grade

The 31st of October is the time of witches, ghosts, ghouls and of course pumpkins.


During the holidays in 2007 and at the start of another school year the school was finally renovated after fifty years.
Now the children can enjoy new colourful classrooms, corridors and toilets. The school has a new facade, renovated gymnasiums and school clubs.
Teachers waited patiently until big changes turned up and with financial support of the local authority new furniture for their rooms was bought.
There are new boards in the classrooms and thanks to the renovation a new project room was set up. It is also used for workshops.
Naďa Pavlišová