Saturday, 29 October 2011

Our trip to England 2011

„Finally! The 24th September is here! The day of our departure to England!Hurraay!!!“

These were the feelings of 40 children from 7.B and 7.C classes who went on a two-week trip to England. First, we had to survive two-day journey on the bus, but it was possible to survive! … we can prove it! On the way to Barnstaple, where host families were expecting us, we stopped in Belgium to see Bruges. After a night in France, we boarded a ferry, it was great! We had a beautiful view of the sea and the white cliffs of Dover.
Leaving Dover, we immediately started to see some differentces. The bus on the left, different houses, landscape… Next 10 days prepared many more!
In Barnstaple we had English lessons every morning and in the afternoon we went on trips. We visited small villages and beaches on the Atlantic coast, had fun in a fun park Milky Way, did some shopping in Exeter, explored the ruins of King Arthur´s castle Tintagel and on the way home we stopped for a couple of hours in London. There we saw world famous Bib Ben and Tower Bridge, sailed on the river Thames and bought some souvenirs near the Tower of London.
It is difficult to say which trip was the best! All of them were really nice! The landscape of Devon and the town of Barnstaple charmed us! We have really nice memories of all that!
Those 14 days were wonderful, even though it seemed like only a week. We all enjoyed it! Our trip to England was great and thank you to our teachers who prepared it so well for us. We are looking forward to another similar event!

Peter, Charlie, Míša and Matylda 7.C
Seb and Victor 7.B