Monday, 26 May 2014

Trip to Denmark

The trip to Denmark (18.5.~23.5.)

Day one: A visit throughout the school (Friskole in Ringe). A trip to the sea and playing mini golf at the coast.

Day two: We went to Odense and visited the museum of the history of Denmark from 1900 to 1990. Then we had a boat trip. Some of us went bowling, go carting and laser gaming.

Day three: A trip to Legoland.

Day four: A bike ride to Egelskov. We also had a water fight in the afternoon. The evening was spent with the families by having a group dinner and a presentation of the photos taken in Prague.

Day five: The journey back home.

What did the students say:

Sasha: The people were very kind and I really loved Legoland.

Martin: I think i have improved my English very much. And I loved the food, it was healthy and delicious. The sea was very cold though. But I didn’t like that the land is very flat there, so they can’t ski in winter.

Kate: I enjoyed the trip very much and I really wanted to stay there longer. The programme was amazing and the people were very nice. I truly want to go there again someday.

Mina: I loved the programme, and the trip to Legoland was the best.

Ota:It was super exciting and the weather was very nice.

Adam: I liked, that there were no hills, so when we rode the bikes, it wasn’t so tiring.

Jirka: It was fine. And I liked the ladies.

Matěj: I liked the view and people there really live in peace with the nature.

Lukáš: The people were nice and I don’t think words can really describe it.

Annie: It was quite peaceful and there weren’t many tourists thats what i liked about it.

Bára: The people were very nice and I enjoyed the trip very much.

Henry: The sea was salty. The black sand tastes better than the yellow one. I’m the best! (pls forgive this rather illogical comment)

Vendelín: I loved the food so much!

Tom: The people were great, I would like to visit them again.

John: It was rather nice to meet so many new people and to have fun with them.

Sandra: It was exciting and the people were very nice, I would love to go there once more.

Mary: The trip was wonderful, but it was rather short, and I will truly miss the people there.

Bára: I loved the trip, and it was nice to meet all the new people, I would like to go there again someday.

Shee: I finally achieved doing the backflip, while getting help from the coolest parkour master, and I jumped into ice cold sea, which was so cool!

Alice:I think that this programme is very edu. I learnt a lot from it, my Danish friends taught me Danish, while I taught them Czech and improved our English. The change of scenery was refreshing and I got to experience the life in the countryside. I’m sure that I will go there again some day. The Danish family treated me very well. I recommend this programme to all the students that are considering being a part of it. Legoland and the cycling trip were so exciting! As was the dare-jump into the sea.


As you can see, the trip received great comments from the students that enrolled.  This programme is, always has been and always will be a success. It helps the students communicate, improves our English and opens our eyes to a whole different world. We encourage others that haven’t been there to enroll in the programme next year.

(written by Ann-Alice Tichá, 24.5.2014)