Sunday, 5 April 2009

Skiing trip 7.B

On 14th February we went by bus on our skiing trip. Before we got to Herlíkovice, we were on the bus full of expectations and also happy that we would cut school for one week. At that moment some of us did not know what was waiting for them. After all-day skiing in Herlíkovice, the fateful evening came. Two girls came down with flu and they had to go back home. On Tuesday another of us was on turn. It started to be critical. There were only 16 of us. Wednesday was without problems and we fully enjoyed amazing skiing conditions for both down-hill and cross-country skiing. However, Thursday damaged it again. Another ill participant went home, together with her friend-gymnast who had to go training. Suddenly, it was Friday, nearly the end, the day of skiing races. But it would not be a „normal“ day without waving goodbye. One of us was picked up by his parents because they went on a skiing trip together. Although there were only 13 of us, the final disco didn´t miss us. Saturday = departure is here. There are only few of us, two need to take pills, and we are going home to Prague. Despite all the problems, we enjoyed the trip very much!!

Petra Kavková, 7.B