Thursday, 11 December 2014

Wir waren in Marienberg. Das ist kleine Stadt unter Erzgebirge mit schönem Weihnachtsmarkt. Hier kann man große interessante Kirche oder Erzgebirgemuseum sehen. Dann sind wir nach Seiffen gefahren. Hier waren viele Touristen, Weihnachtslichter und ein Spielzeugmuseum. Wir finden das war prima, super, fantastisch, interessant und in Marienberg und Seiffen warem super Bratwürste.

Ondra Výborný, Jan Kolčaba 8.A

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

HALLOWEEN - A monster class 6.C

It is the 31st of October. All the scary monsters are coming out of their hiding places. But the monsters from 6.C are still in the dark. They are waiting...waiting for some small children,  who believe that monsters are real.

Fortunately there is Class 3 which  believes that they are real. They are coming to visit them. This is the time when the monsters of 6.C are coming out. They are happy that there are still some children who believe in monsters. Then they sing a song together. Happy Halloween!

Hanka Fisherová, 6.C


Friday, 31 October 2014

European Day of Languages

Theatre Performance

The theatre performance 'ALIEN' took place on Thursday, September 25th for the fourth and fifth grades of our school. There were three actors participating in the play. Two actors played the main roles of agents and the third actor disguised as an extraterrestrial being embodied an alien. The agents wearing black suits and sunglasses did their best to incorporate pupils into the story. The agents spoke English as well as Czech so that the children could understand better. The third actor representing the alien only made some unrecognizable sounds. Unfortunately, the play sometimes looked rather chaotic and confusing. Nevertheless, pupils seemed to be enjoying themselves and hopefully it had a certain language merit for them.

The next theatre play which students could see was presented on Friday, September 26th. It was focused on the eighth and ninth grades. Pupils were invited to English ancient times particularly, the show was dealing with the History of England. All the actors spoke only English. To explain the plot precisely they used pictures, masks and various properties. They tried to highlight all the important historical figures as well as events - starting in the Celtic times continuing through several invasions to British islands with the peak of the Battle of Hastings. I really appreciate that the actors did not forget about the language development which was very closely connected with all the newcomers. The most interesting part was related to the private life of Henry VIII. The pupils could guess what had happened to his six wives. The whole play was very well structured and the pupils were involved into the plot. They seemed to enjoy the performance, moreover they got a clear historical overview which should contribute to their education.

Jana Lehečková a Jiří Chrobok
vyučující Aj

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Our trip to Barnstaple 2014

Our language trip to England started on the 20th September and we were nearly 2 weeks away. On the way there we stopped in Brussels and Bruges in Belgium and we stayed one night in a hotel in France. In the morning we crossed the sea from Calais to Dover by ferry. Before we got to our „home“ town Barnstaple, we went to see Stonehenge. There we walked around the „magic“ stones and we took lots of photos. At 6pm we arrived in Barnstaple where we met our host families.The families were very good and we liked them very much. In the mornings we had English lessons in the North Devon School of English where we learned lots of things. In the afternoons we went on trips, for example to the Atlantic coast, Lynton and Lynmouth, Exeter, Exmoor Zoo, Tintagel, Westward Ho! On Sunday we had a family day with our English families. Our family took us everywhere where we or they wanted to go.

On the way home we stopped for 9 hours in London. We walked round the city, we saw Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, the Tower of London and the famous Tower Bridge. The stop in London was amazing! At night we crossed the English Channel again and on Friday the 3rd October we arrived back in Prague.

We really enjoyed the trip and I am sure that our English is better now!

Annie Kvíčalová, 7.C

Monday, 26 May 2014

Trip to Denmark

The trip to Denmark (18.5.~23.5.)

Day one: A visit throughout the school (Friskole in Ringe). A trip to the sea and playing mini golf at the coast.

Day two: We went to Odense and visited the museum of the history of Denmark from 1900 to 1990. Then we had a boat trip. Some of us went bowling, go carting and laser gaming.

Day three: A trip to Legoland.

Day four: A bike ride to Egelskov. We also had a water fight in the afternoon. The evening was spent with the families by having a group dinner and a presentation of the photos taken in Prague.

Day five: The journey back home.

What did the students say:

Sasha: The people were very kind and I really loved Legoland.

Martin: I think i have improved my English very much. And I loved the food, it was healthy and delicious. The sea was very cold though. But I didn’t like that the land is very flat there, so they can’t ski in winter.

Kate: I enjoyed the trip very much and I really wanted to stay there longer. The programme was amazing and the people were very nice. I truly want to go there again someday.

Mina: I loved the programme, and the trip to Legoland was the best.

Ota:It was super exciting and the weather was very nice.

Adam: I liked, that there were no hills, so when we rode the bikes, it wasn’t so tiring.

Jirka: It was fine. And I liked the ladies.

Matěj: I liked the view and people there really live in peace with the nature.

Lukáš: The people were nice and I don’t think words can really describe it.

Annie: It was quite peaceful and there weren’t many tourists thats what i liked about it.

Bára: The people were very nice and I enjoyed the trip very much.

Henry: The sea was salty. The black sand tastes better than the yellow one. I’m the best! (pls forgive this rather illogical comment)

Vendelín: I loved the food so much!

Tom: The people were great, I would like to visit them again.

John: It was rather nice to meet so many new people and to have fun with them.

Sandra: It was exciting and the people were very nice, I would love to go there once more.

Mary: The trip was wonderful, but it was rather short, and I will truly miss the people there.

Bára: I loved the trip, and it was nice to meet all the new people, I would like to go there again someday.

Shee: I finally achieved doing the backflip, while getting help from the coolest parkour master, and I jumped into ice cold sea, which was so cool!

Alice:I think that this programme is very edu. I learnt a lot from it, my Danish friends taught me Danish, while I taught them Czech and improved our English. The change of scenery was refreshing and I got to experience the life in the countryside. I’m sure that I will go there again some day. The Danish family treated me very well. I recommend this programme to all the students that are considering being a part of it. Legoland and the cycling trip were so exciting! As was the dare-jump into the sea.


As you can see, the trip received great comments from the students that enrolled.  This programme is, always has been and always will be a success. It helps the students communicate, improves our English and opens our eyes to a whole different world. We encourage others that haven’t been there to enroll in the programme next year.

(written by Ann-Alice Tichá, 24.5.2014)