Friday, 22 October 2010

Our trip to Great Britain

On the 25th September 40 students from 7.C, 8.A and 8.B classes left Prague and travelled by bus to Great Britain.
On the way we visited Bruges in Belgium. We liked it very much because the city has a really nice architecture. We sailed on the canal by boat and we saw a big cathedral tower. Bruges is also called „Venice of the north“. Then we passed the boarders of Belgium and went to France where we slept one night in a hotel. The next day we crossed the English Channel by ferry to Britain. On our way to Barnstaple we stopped in Stonehenge and saw the historical monument. In the evening we arrived in Barnstaple and split in our host families. Every morning we went to school which took place in Grosvenor church. Devided in three groups we had three 55 min. long English lessons. Each lesson we had a different teacher. In the afternoons we went on trips. Twice we had all-day trip (to Tintagel and Exeter). We spent time at many interesting places like Lynton and Lynmouth, Ilfracombe and Woolacombe (surfing places), twice we visited the Atlantic coast and many more. We enjoyed the fun park in Milky Way and the sports day in the local leisure centre. On Sunday we spent time with our families.
We really enjoyed the time in England, but now it´s time to come back to school! L On the way back we visited London. We saw Big Ben, London Eye, the Houses of Parliament and many other places. We also went by double-decker bus and by boat on the river cruise. ( The first time in the history of this trip!) J
We arrived in Prague on Friday the 8th October in a good mood and with new experiences. We have just one little problem – our backs still hurt from the night on the bus! JJ

Jonáš Gürtler and Ondra Novák, 8.B

Monday, 18 October 2010

La visite du Parlement européen

En septembre, les élèves de notre école ont participé à la visite d'étude à Strasbourg. Le séjour a été organisé par les bureaux de député du Parlement européen de monsieur Milan Cabrnoch. Les enfants ont appris beaucoup de nouvelles informations sur le fonctionnement du Parlement européen. On a eu aussi l'occasion de discuter des questions tchèques et européennes et on a pu être directevement présents à la Réunion des metres. Le programme comprenait également une visite à la ville qui est vraiment très jolie.L´organisation de séjour a été excellente. La visite du Parlement européen a été une expérience formidable.

Monday, 17 May 2010


From 26th to 30th April we were in this interesting country. We travelled across Germany whole day and in the evening we arrived to Heemskerk. There we were accommodated in the ancient castle.
Next day we visited primary school in Alsmere. There we had the opportunity to see their classes and to spend a short time in their lessons. It was very interesting experience. You can’t hear the bell in dutch school, because they don’t use it.
In the afternoon we arrived to Harderwijk, where is a large dolphinarium. There we saw a big dolphins show. It was great!
The last place we visited this sunny day was Naarden. In this small town there is the grave of
J.A. Komenský.
On the second day we visited Japanese school in Amsterdam. We had again the opportunity to see how children from Japan (who live in the Netherlands) learn their mother language.
In the afternoon we saw how to make wooden shoes and how to make cheese. It was in the open-air museum in Zaanse Schans. Then we had a delicious dinner in a cosy restaurant in Volendam, a small fishing village.
The last night we slept in hotel F1 next to Amsterdam. And the last day we spend in Amsterdam. There we admired this busy town from the boat which floats on Amsrerdams‘ grachts. Then we visited the Museum of Vincent van Gogh. We also spent two hours in Museum of Madame Tussaud.
In the evening we took places in our bus and fell asleep. We dreamed about the country full of water, tulips and bikes . . . .

Ben Novosad a Honza Kubálek 5. C

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Friendship with Denmark

In the days from 6. to 10. April 8th classes took part in an exchanging programme with Danish school in Ringe. First day we played sports in the school playground and in the afternoon we went to sight-seeing tour of Prague. Second day we climbed in the rope center and after that we played bowling in the club Radava. Last day we visited Prague ZOO in Troja, then Danish friends wanted to buy some souvenirs for their families, so we took them to River town market. We spend free afternoons and evenings by doing many activities – like cinemas, parks and shopping centers.We and our Danish friends enjoyed the time in Prague a lot and we are looking foward to our trip to Denmark in May.

Jana Kubešová, Adéla Kramperová 8.A

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Le jour des portes ouvertes

Notre école organise avec un grand succes „Le jour des portes ouvertes“ chaque année ,cette fois le 18. mars de 8 a 18 heures. Notre école a été visitée par 200 invités. Le programme était préparé par des éleves et il était vraiment riche - des chansons, des projets etc. Merci a tous.
Martina Kubínová a Klára Tesárková 8.B

Monday, 4 January 2010

English competition 2009

Like every year our school organised a competition in English which took place on the 8th and 10th December 2009. The competition was for the 7th grade (the younger category) and the 8th+9th grades (the older category). It consisted of two parts - listening and talking on the chosen topic. First we had to listen to the tape and then complete a paper with questions. The first part was based on the listening, the second one was correcting mistakes. After that we had to wait for the talking part. First of all the teachers asked us to introduce ourselves (hobbies, character, etc.). Then we had to choose a topic and talk about it for a couple of minutes. If we didn´t know what else to say, they just asked us some additional questions about the given topic. I think that it was quite nice and I really enjoyed it.

Jana Buryachek, 9.B