Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Trip to Denmark 2016

            After really nice time we had spent in Prague with our lovely Danish friends, we finally went to Denmark.

We travelled on Monday (16th May), from Prague to Ringe – it was about 12 hours in bus. Don’t worry, it was great also in bus. When we finally arrived, our friends were waiting for us and we were verry happy to see them. They picked up us, then they had introduced us to the families.

On Tuesday we met at school and went to morning assembly (that’s their traditional morning meet, where they sing). After that, they showed us their school, we had some activities in school (like mathematics with their teacher and gymnastics lesson) and then they showed us their really small city called Ringe. After our time in school, we had some free activities with our friends, we had different programs in small groups. A lot of us came to city called Odense.

On Wednesday we met at school and went to morning assembly again. After we went to Legoland by bus. In Legoland (it’s big funpark), we went in small groups and had a lot of fun. The afternoon program was different.

On Thursday we met and went to Smørmosen. We played minigolf there and after we had about 2 free hours on the beach. Personally, Thursday was the best day for me. We are having really nice pictures from beach. At afternoon, we met at school again and we had dinner together. First we tasted danish food, then we moved to gym and had a spring concert.

On Friday we met and went by bikes to Egeskov. We saw there museum, castle and really beautiful nature. The weather was good, but on the way to Ringe, it started to rain. Afternoon program was different, but a lot of people had some „Goodbye party“, like barbecue.

On Saturday we met and said goodbye to our friends. We had to travel back to Prague. Travelling back to Prague was okay and we were talking about our experiences in Denmark a lot.

 I think, it was really good time and I hope, that everyone enjoyed this trip like me. I want to thank Mrs. Pavlišová, Mrs. Šrollerová and school Management for organizing trips like these. It was nice, we are having nice memories and we are having a lot of new friends.

Karolina Endtová 9. A