Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Our trip to England 2

Children are from the 6th and 7th grades.

Day 1

 „We went from Hastings to the town Battle  by train.There was a really big battle there.  We saw  the Battle Abbey. This Abbey was bulit by the Duke William of Normandy after he won the battle against the king Harold in 1066. We heard a story about the battle. We also saw a short movie.“

„We went back to Hastings and went up the Castle Hill by an old Victorian cableway. We took a look in the Smugglers´caves. We heard about people who smuggled things like tobacco, expensive jewellery etc. We also played a few games there like shooting  smugglers with guns.“

„Then we went to the meeting point in Shoreham. I must say I was pretty scared that we would have a bad family and would be hungry. But we had a very nice polite old woman and we got a delicious food for dinner.“

Day 2

„At school we had four lessons. The teacherś name is Angelique. She is very nice. We learned at school and then we went to streets and asked people questions. And the people helped us.

„After school we went to Portsmouth. We went to see a ship Victory. It was a ship of admiral Nelson. There were 850 beds there. It is really a big ship.“

„Then we visited the Spinnaker Tower. Itś 100 m high. There was a glass window in the floor so you could look down and be scared. There was also second and third floor where I took pretty good pictures.“

Day 3

„In the afternoon we went to Pevensey Castle. It´s a ruin. This castle was occupied by William in 1066. The castle has a prison and a big courtyard.“

„We went to Beachy Heads. These cliffs are very high. We had a beautiful view over the sea. The only problém was that it was raining and very windy.“

„ Back in Shoreham we went to the beach and listened to music and played in the playground.“

Day 4

„Today is our last day in England. At school we had a Halloween hour. We told scary stories and jokes and had a competiition: who has got the best scary story.“

In Brighton we went to the Sea Life aquarium. It was pretty interesting. We saw small fish, big ones, sharks and very very big turtles. Then we visited a big big palace (unfortunately we didn´t go in). Afterwards. The best part…SHOPPING!!!“

„We went to Primark and Poundland. I bought a lot of things.“

„The trip to England was SUPER!“

 ( a few bits and pieces from the childrens´diaries )

1. England 2017

After a tiring journey by coach through Germany and Belgium we arrived in Calais so that we could
take a ferry to England. The sea was far from being calm and huge waves were really annoying. However, we were enthusiastic to land on English soil to commence our adventure.


We set off southwest to reach Hastings. Having arrived there we boarded a train going to Battle where we visited the place renowned for the battle of Hastings dating back to 1066. Subsequently, we went back to the town of Hastings to take a look at the Castle Hill and we also entered the Smuggler's caves which aroused our interest with its mysterious atmosphere. Afterwards, full of expectations and longing for the opportunity to speak English, we travelled to meet our host families. Some of us had the first experience with the English cuisine.


The next three days in the morning we attended English lessons and worked hard to improve our English. The teachers were inspiring and motivating and to be there was fun. After school we had a bite of various yummy things our host families had prepared for us. Needless to say, in the lunch boxes there were also vinegar chips which you either love or hate.


In the afternoon we made our way to Portsmouth where we could thoroughly explore HMS Victory, Admiral Nelson's ship. We had a whale of time at the top of the Spinnaker Tower with its breath-taking view and popular glass floor where some of us did press ups. The next day our coach took us to spectacular cliffs Beachy Head where we could take amazing snapshots and then we had a stroll in the area of Pevensey Castle.


The following day after saying goodbye to our host families as well as to the teachers we headed to Brighton to experience another picturesque coast town spending a few hours in Sea Life Centre and afterwards as an icing on the cake we dashed into Primark to go on a spending spree for the last time. Covered with various new items of clothing and other souvenirs we boarded our coach to set out back home.

Jiří Chrobok
one of the teachers

Monday, 19 June 2017

Deutschland - Augsburg 2017

Vor zwei Wochen haben wir Deutschland besucht. Wir waren dort fünf Tage.
 Wir waren in Familien in Augsburg und Neusäß untergebracht. Jede kleine Gruppe (3-4 Leute) hatte eigene Familie.
 Am Vormittag sind wir in die Schule gefahren. Am Nachmittag haben wir eine interessante Tour.
Am Montag haben wir Nürnberg besucht. Wir waren dort in Kaiserburg. Dort haben wir Audioguide bekommen. Dann haben wir historisches Zentrum gesehen.
Am Dienstag waren wir in Legoland. Das war ganz super. Das macht uns Spaβ und die Attraktionen waren toll.
Am Mittwoch sind wir nach Schwangau gefahren. Zuerst haben wir Wieskirche besucht. Dann sind wir in Schloss Neuschwanstein gefahren. Das war ganz interessant.
Am Donnerstag hatten wir keine Schule. Wir sind nach München gefahren. Zuerst haben wir Allianz Arena besucht. Der Begleiter hat uns interessante Fakten erzählen. Dann haben wir Olympia Park, BMW Welt und historisches Zentrum gesehen.
Am Freitag hatten wir am Vormittag  die Schule. Nach der Schule haben wir Stadtzentrum von dem Augsburg gegangen. Wir haben in die Fuggerrei gegangen. Das ist die älteste Sozialsiedlung der Welt. Am Nachmittag sind wir zu Hause gefahren.
Wir haben ganz Ausflug viel genießt.


Este mayo, de 21 hasta 29, fuimos con nuestra escuela al sur de España, a una ciudad pequeña que se llama Almuñécar.
El domingo, 21 de mayo salimos del aeropuero de Václav Havel de Praga y sobre las 10 de la noche aterrizamos en Málaga. Desde allí fuimos en autobús a Almuñécar. En la estación de autobuses ya nos esperaron nuestas familias y fuimos a dormir a sus casas.
Cada mañana de 9.30 a 13.00 estuvimos en la escuela, estuvimos en tres grupos por niveles. Estudiamos mucho, hicimos proyectos, escuchamos música, tuvimos la clase práctica en el mercado.
Cuando la escuela terminó, volvimos a las familias donde comimos y descansamos.
Cada día por la tarde hicimos una actividad diferente: visitamos el centro histórico de la ciudad, el castillo de San Miguel, en el parque botánico, jugamos al vóley-playa, nos bañamos en el mar.
El jueves por la noche estuvimos en un tablao flamenco donde vimos un espectáculo.
El sábado ya no tuvimos clase. Fuimos de excursión. Primero fuimos a una ciudad que se llama Nerja, paseamos por el centro histórico.Luego fuimos a la cueva de Nerja que era muy bonita y al final fuimos a una ciudad „blanca“ que se encuentra en las montañas y se llama Frigiliana. Al volver a Almuňécar visitamos el parque ornitológico donde había muchos loros y pájaros exóticos.
El domingo nos despedimos con el mar y después del almuerzo fuimos a Málaga donde visitamos el museo de Pablo Picasso.
A al final llegamos al aeropuerto de Málaga y por la noche partimos para Praga.
Dominik Pejdl, 8.A


Monday, 22 May 2017

Trip to Denmark 2017

Our school has already organized an exchange trip for eighth class pupils for the fourteenth consecutive year. This year, 21 students came on the tour.

The first part of the exchange took place in Prague from 18.4. to 22.4.2017. The danish children were accommodated in host families. In this program organized by the school, the children attended a one-day English or German language lesson on the first day, went on a guided tour of Prague with a „special quest“ and then their own bowling tournament. The pupils spent the  next day at  „rope sport center“ where they did various tight-rope activities designed to to build trust and teamwork. Finally they had laser-games and visited the Terezín concentration camp on the last day. Afternoon and evening programs were always provided by the host families.

The entire program was in English.

 The second part of the exchange took place from 30 April to 5 May 2017. Once again, we had the opportunity to visit the Danish town of Ringe and our partner school, Ringe Efterskole.

An extensive program was prepared fot our children - they attended classes and sports activities at the school, as well as, Ringe games. They visited Legoland and the city of Odense with a tour of the Hans C. Andersen Museum.  They also went on boat cruises along the river in the coastal town of Faaborg. The program also included a cycling trip to the Egeskov Chateau. At the end, Danish parents prepared meeting in common at the school for all participant - the traditional "goodbye party".

During our stay, our children lived with Danish families, so they not only had the opportunity to practice in English, but also to have a look at everyday life in Denmark and establish new friendships in Western Europe.

Naďa Pavlišová - teacher of English