Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Just got back from England!

Our classes, 7.B and 7.C arrived from  England a week ago. We stayed in England for 14 days, or better to say, 10 days because the journey took 4 days. We got there by bus and it wasn’t that bad as we expected. On way there, we visited Bruges, a nice city in Belgium. We saw Bruges‘ sights, took some photos, tried Belgian chips and we went shopping too! We stayed there for about  4 hours and then we continued our journey to France. There, we slept one night in a small hotel. We had to get up very early because we had to catch our ferry. The ferry was really big, there were shops and mainly places where we could buy food. When we got out of the ferry, we went to see Stonehenge. We took some photos and relaxed a bit. At about 6 pm we arrived in Barnstaple and met our host families. The whole trip to England was awesome because of the trips too! We visited Tintagel, Exmoor Zoo, Exeter, Lynton and Lynmouth, famous beach Westward Ho!, Woolacombe, sport centre and many more. Trips were mainly in the afternoon. In the morning  we went to a special school only for us. We had 3 teachers, Tim, Rose and Roy. We always had 3 hours, one with each teacher. We played games, talked in English and, good for us, we didn’t write tests!
Our trip began on the 21st September and ended on the 4th October. We had fun and we learned a lot of new English. Our accent sounds a bit better and we know something more about England. We want to go back, and it’s especially because of our host families, our teachers in England and of course, our teachers who went with us from the Czech republic. We have a big THANK YOU for you, and we hope we will go to Barnstaple one day again.
Classes 7.B and 7.C

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Evropský den jazyků

U příležitosti konání Evropského dne jazyků si žáci 8. a 9. třídy vyšli do ulic Prahy ověřit v praxi svou znalost německého a anglického jazyka. Žáci osmého ročníku měli pro cizince připravenou anketu o Praze. Devátý ročník nejprve navštívil Kafkovu společnost, a pak se s průvodkyní vydal po stopách Franze Kafky. Poté všichni zjišťovali mezi turisty jejich znalosti o tomto známém spisovateli. Získané informace děti zpracovaly v projektech.