Monday, 17 May 2010


From 26th to 30th April we were in this interesting country. We travelled across Germany whole day and in the evening we arrived to Heemskerk. There we were accommodated in the ancient castle.
Next day we visited primary school in Alsmere. There we had the opportunity to see their classes and to spend a short time in their lessons. It was very interesting experience. You can’t hear the bell in dutch school, because they don’t use it.
In the afternoon we arrived to Harderwijk, where is a large dolphinarium. There we saw a big dolphins show. It was great!
The last place we visited this sunny day was Naarden. In this small town there is the grave of
J.A. Komenský.
On the second day we visited Japanese school in Amsterdam. We had again the opportunity to see how children from Japan (who live in the Netherlands) learn their mother language.
In the afternoon we saw how to make wooden shoes and how to make cheese. It was in the open-air museum in Zaanse Schans. Then we had a delicious dinner in a cosy restaurant in Volendam, a small fishing village.
The last night we slept in hotel F1 next to Amsterdam. And the last day we spend in Amsterdam. There we admired this busy town from the boat which floats on Amsrerdams‘ grachts. Then we visited the Museum of Vincent van Gogh. We also spent two hours in Museum of Madame Tussaud.
In the evening we took places in our bus and fell asleep. We dreamed about the country full of water, tulips and bikes . . . .

Ben Novosad a Honza Kubálek 5. C